Message by the company’s Chairman


Message by the company’s Chairman

The Chairman of the company retired on 23 August 2022. He was the State Secretary of Kedah. Kedah is the state where our factories are located. At Xin Sheng Environmental, we do the right things, in the right ways, for the right reasons, constantly. Our core values assist us in seeking our vision to be among the best, most productive, zinc manufacturers in the world. Ethics is one of those Core Values — it directs our actions and choices and is a constant reminder of what we believe and how we work.


Xin Sheng Environmental strives to adopt a balanced strategy, adding value through administrative capabilities and effective utilization of resources. Our dependability and obligation to quality and safety make us the preferred choice of our customers. We are enthusiastically dedicated to continuing our success alongside each of our partners.


At Xin Sheng Environmental, we are focused on coordinating environmentally sound and sustainable strategic approaches into our day-to-day business decisions. We as a team are continually mindful in our everyday activities to deal with our environmental responsibilities while we learn, grow and build upon our experiences all over the world, as we proceed with our journey forward.


Our team is driven by the passion of putting that ‘Extra’ into their work to achieve what means ‘Excellence’. They support every event and every step to ensure that it reaches the zenith. They work with the mindset of giving freedom to the wings of hopes and aspirations to reach the pinnacle of success.


Xin Sheng Environmental, we are a moderate and dynamic secondary zinc manufacturers with its plants situated in the province of Kedah in Malaysia, it boasts of the biggest Waelz kiln in Malaysia, and one of the largest in Southeast Asia.


Xin Sheng commits to drawing out the best value in all processed commodities. By converting over metallurgical scheduled waste into valuable items, we play our part in effecting changes towards a greener, cleaner planet for generations to come.