Our Goal—Zero Harm


Xin Sheng Environmental Pledge

At Xin Sheng Environmental, we are focused on coordinating earth sound and sustainable business practices into our everyday business decisions. We are constantly careful in our everyday activities to deal with our environmental responsibilities while we learn, grow and build upon our experiences all over the world, as we proceed with our journey forward. At Xin Sheng, we are always striving towards the use of 100 percent of our items, ZERO TO LANDFILL and ZERO TO WATER Emission.

Environmental Commitment From Xin Sheng Environmental To The World

We will voluntarily follow our environmental process system, a systematic approach for reviewing and improving our company’s operations for better environmental performance and improved profitability. Xin Sheng Environmental constantly analyses the environmental impact of our operations, raw materials, and finished products.


As a result of this process, Xin Sheng Environmental will experience measurable benefits, including:


  • Worked on administrative compliance and better relationships with regulatory agencies.
  • Better management of resources and raw materials.
  • Reduced energy and water consumption
  • Decreased waste disposal and associated costs.
  • Improved overall operational performance and productivity.


Our way of life has consistently included being a socially capable corporate citizen and neighbor with a pledge to reward the networks in which we operate. We want to leave the world we live in a better spot for people in the future and the severe necessities we put on ourselves are a way of doing that.


We are working tirelessly to reduce and deal with our environmental footprint. We keep on learning, growing, and building upon our encounters as we proceed with our journey forward. Our only object  is to reuse, put back into use the assets others have given up on, and always build toward a greener future.


Sustainability at Xin Sheng is regulated at the most significant level, by our Board health, security, and environment.


Our standardized method for managing distinguishing, surveying, and overseeing risks and potentially opening doors.


Our sustainability framework is the fundamental vehicle for the collection and reporting of sustainability chances, important open doors, and execution to illuminate our business system. Our way to deal with incorporating maintainability all through our business has defined goals, targets, need regions, and targets. It upholds meeting administrative necessities, dealing with the disastrous risks connected with our business, and maintaining our societal license to operate.


We focus our technique around four pillars: health, security, climate, and community and human rights.


All things considered, reasonability is unquestionably not an ideal to have thought – it is the focal point of what our personality is and what we do. We accept our risk to diminish the carbon impression of our industry truly. We endeavor to engage a more round zinc industry.