Our Goal—Zero Harm


Health and Safety Policy

Xin Sheng Environmental is constantly striving to be world-class and to be an industry leader in Health and Safety, integrating continuous improvement methodology as we move forward in all areas. We will always comply with established safety regulations and company policy, with no exceptions. Xin Sheng is committed to, and takes very seriously, the safely of our teammates and our world’s environment and remains cognizant of our limited natural resources.


We feel there is nothing more important in our day-to-day activities than the safety of our employees and our neighbours. This requires that we not only develop a safety policy, but we live it, making it a culture in our company. We will never allow profitability to override our safety policy.

We will always ensure our employees are properly trained and fully understand the importance of safety in our company culture. This commitment must start from the top down and is a core value with Xin Sheng Environmental. All safety requirements will comply with all federal, state, and local regulations and all training will be updated as required. Our safety culture is designed to provide a safe, accident free workplace for our employees, our neighbours, and visitors on sight.