World Class Innovative And Sustainable Resources


Environmental Mission And Vision

We give solutions for society by creating world class innovative and feasible cycles that recover the worth of materials and not bury waste for future generations to have to deal with. These arrangements will lessen contamination for our current circumstance and our people in the future, meanwhile monitoring our significant assets and advancing a round economy.


Xin Sheng Environmental constantly strives to make an eco-friendly society by means of cutting edge technology. This vision will permit us to be a worldwide, diversified company valued by clients, suppliers, and our community, with a focus on long-term development and constant improvement.

Our Objective

To pursue and work on the techniques in waste handling.
To be the premier zinc oxide producer in Malaysia.

Our Vision

We seek to become the country's premier zinc oxide producer, trusted for consistent quality delivery, value-added innovation, and elevated principles for the entire waste management industry.

Our Mission Statement

We strive to improve on our environment, and simultaneously convert steel dust into a beneficial commodity. At Xin Sheng, we vow to carry positive worth to all that we do. Nothing goes to waste.